Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Things I've learned from my Mother

Well, technically Mother's Day is over. Its been over for 2 days on this side of the world and I had every intention of putting up a Mother's Day post for my own mom. Sort of an ode to mom. I was actually a bit pre-occupied yesterday though and didn't have time to do it before I left the house at 10am only to return home at 6pm. So I thought that since I am really bad at sending cards I'd just write this and then she could read it and then she wouldn't have to feel either A) feel bad about throwing out the card eventually or B) Keep the card to clutter up her house. And I don't want either of those to happen so this is my Mother's Day gift to you Mom!
My mother has taught me many things throughout my life. Here's some that I can think of right now.

1. How to work-never thought I'd be thankful for that all those long hot days in the greenhouses

2. How to cook and LOVE it-she set the wonderful example for me and I know if it wasn't for her I would not be a cooker or a baker today

3. How to clean-my mom is the BEST cleaner ever. She is so thorough and never does a job halfway. I am the same way.

4. How to pray-although I never realized that repetitiously was not the way to go. I can still remember the exact same prayer I used to say throughout my youth!

5. How to say "hellsy bellsy child!"

6. How to not let my kids get away with too much.

7. How to be "the meanest mom in the whole wide world"-Aren't you glad I ended up with children "just like me"?

8. How to serve others-my mom is the Queen of serving others. She will do anything for anyone anytime and with a smile on her face. She has helped ME out more times than I can ever even begin to thank her for.

9. How to be the best yeller in the house-My mom rocks when it comes to yelling. Now that she doesn't have any kids to yell at anymore she yells for the dog which is very entertaining. Keeeeeeeepppperrrrrrrr! heheehe I think every mom needs to really know how to yell, even if she rarely does it!
10. How to hiccup and sneeze at the same time-wait...she set the example for that but I don't think anyone can do it like her. Right mom?!
I've just realized I'm not the greatest daughter though as I only have 2 pictures on my computer of my mother and one of them is of her and my sister making pig noses (obviously my sister's idea) That is sad. So here is the other one. I am going to be more dilligent next time we are together and get some darn pictures taken of us together!

Thank you Mom for being the best possible mother I could ever have. For not giving me too much leash as a teenager and reigning me in when I needed it which was often. For always backing me up as an adult and helping me to feel like I'm making the right decisions. For listening to me learn the flute and piano and playing them for years and years and never ever ever making me feel like you were tired of hearing the same darn songs over and over again. For laughing alot and also thinking I'm the life of the party. For watching my kids countless hours and weeks even and taking them to work with you and never making me feel like you didn't want to. For not ever actually giving me away to the Indians or throwing me in the Catholic Charities Clothes Bank for real (even though I probably deserved it) and for just all round setting a darn good example for me to live by and for raising me in the gospel and carrying on the awesome heritage that we have in our family tree. You're what I would call a sucessful parent...AND a sucessful Grandparent. Love you!

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Nana said...

what a wonderful tribute to your mom! We saw her last week at the temple in Cardston!