Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What's new

She is so pretty isn't she? Yummmy.The tube is a naso-gastric tube that she gets fed through.
Rick's first cuddles with bub.

My first ever time holding her. The doctors were just about to put in a central line which was going to go from the crook of her arm all the way through the vein and end up in her heart so that she could get TPN (total nutrition) through this line because at the time she wasn't tolerating her feeds. But the doctor couldn't get the line in the right spot so they left it to try again later and by the next day she started tolerating her feeds so they ended up not doing it at all. Yay! Rick had given her the blessing so I totally believe that's why the sudden turnaround. :)

Ok, I am so in love with my new little frog! I can't get enough of her. I just can hardly stand to be away from her. I see her every other day when I make the 90 min trek to Brisbane but today was my last day going there as tomorrow morning she will be transferred to Nambour Hospital which is only 20 min away. Then I will beable to go every day. Yippeeeee! Savannah from what I know of her is a very good little bub. Really content and chill. Today she was awake for about an hour which was sweet. I love looking at her eyes and it seems as if she's really enjoying figuring me out.
Rick for some reason got a kick out of taking this pic. The nurse was taking her little stickers off of her before her bath and of course she didn't like it!

She has made excellent progress and made a complete turnaround within a 24 hour period of time after Rick had given her a blessing and she had her first ever cuddles and first bath on day 8. It was so cool to see that. I am so thankful to have Rick and the priesthood in our presence. He is such a darn good daddy! He normally can never sit still for any length of time and starts to get restless unless he is super tired or watching a movie. But put lil Savannah in his arms and he is content to just sit and sit. It is so cute to watch him with her. He makes all these little noises to her and gives her whisker tickles.
See any resemblance? What a character. He is so in love.

What else has happened are 2 birthdays. I haven't had the time to post about Mesa and Candace's birthdays but we had parties for them. I hate to just touch on them like this but better than nothing right? My life is just a little strange right now. Candace's was a real hum dinger I'll tell ya. Blaze and Mesa were being so selfish and bratty during her party. They were both really cranky and Lydia felt sick to her stomach and Candace was practically laying on the couch in her blankets. I was also feeling somewhat depressed but tried to put on an act of happiness. I think next year will be better. Maybe?

She is a great poser for the camera.

Caught in the act. I can't believe she's 13!!!!!


Nana said...

OH, sooo sweet! I need your mailing address PLEEase! I want to mail this gift while I am in Dallas. Just email it to me, or text it to me. Thanks!! Can't wait to meet Savanah, what a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl!! Who do you think she looks like? I see a little bit of Mesa, don't you think?

Robyn Melia and Troy said...

I LOVE her name!! She is beautiful and I am so so happy for you and Rick!! I want to fly over and see her right now!