Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Girls Day Out

Well, some news to tell....remember my job as a PA? Well, I just wasn't feeling right about it you know? I don't want to be a career mom and gone from home as much as I would have been, even though I wouldn't have been gone from my kids at all really, it was going to be the loss of too much freedom and after 2 days of working on the job I realized it wasn't the work I really wanted to do anyways. Actually I would rather muck stalls than that! So I was gonna ring them up on Monday and tell them they should look for someone else but they beat me to the punch! How weird is that!? They were feeling the same way so it was a mutual agreement that I don't work for them and that made me feel really good because here I was fretting all weekend about letting them down!

So because of that I have been on a high the last couple of days and also because of that, I was able to have today and tomorrow to spend with my girls...just we planned on doing some fun stuff. Today I took them to the Plaza and we went on the Banana Boats and they each bought a beanie Kid which is the Aussie version of a Beanie Baby. Then we went to the beach and had hot chips and soaked up some sun. I read a book while the girls played in the water. Yah, the weather and water are not hot enough yet for me to take the plunge!

I took some pics of these activities and my friend Amber also met us at the beach with her baby Chloe who happens to be my favorite little midget these days. So cute she is. Enjoy all the pics!

This is my attempt at photography

I am waaaaay tired now though. I think I may have gotten a bit of heat stroke. Just super tired and no appetite...that kinda thing. Not that that's a bad thing! (the appetite part!)


Lydster said...

Is the baby really a midget? Candace is a really pretty girl. I like her in a hat

dan robyn & melia said...

Sorry I have been away...we moved into our house and we just our internet hooked back up. I LOVE all your pics! That is cool you are not in a job you don't like. You look so pretty in that last pic!