Wednesday, October 24, 2007

These days...

Well, last week I worked full time for Remax. I had a good time getting used to the one office that I had worked at the least and I was flat out all week long. I swear being a mother/wife and a full time worker do not mix! I would get home and a couple days I would have prepared dinner so it was all ready and waiting for me when I got home but if it wasn't prepared...look out family! One night it was pretty scary. I had used up all my brain power at work and had absolutely no imagination left when it came to figuring something out for dinner, so this is what I fed my family...I cooked up some ground beef and added a few spices to it, then I cooked some rice, heated up a can of beans in tomatoe sauce, cooked up some chinese noodles, cut up some lettuce and put salsa and sour cream on the table. It sucked...yup...usually, I can start cooking up the meat and something really creative will come into my mind and I'll end up with something really unique and yummy. This...was neither. It was something of a hodge podge of ingredients that didnt really match each other at all. Ha least that doesn't happen very often! Well, one night a couple months ago I actually made popcorn for supper! Can you believe that!? I should have fed them popcorn last week instead of hodge podge garbage. Well, now this week is catch up week. I worked in the yard yesterday for the better part of it, and it is starting to look fabulous. And I cleaned up Mesa's tornado room on Monday. I would love to give you some pics but I also was little miss butterfingers and dropped the camera and now it's broke! Crap! We just got it in March and I dropped the last one too! I need to stop this camera breaking nonsense!

Tomorrow I've been asked to fill up an hour doing some sort of presentation on Canada to a bunch of 8-11 year olds for a Faith in God activity. So now I have to spend a bunch of time on that. I am enjoying preparing for that though...Did you know that the highest mountain in Canada is in the Yukon territories and reaches 5959 m? It is called Mt. Logan. The provinces with the most mountains are (1) B.C (2) Yukon Territories (3) Alberta...PEI boasts it's highest peak at just 142m. Just some food for thought.

One other thing I wanted to talk about was the fires in San Diego. My dad called me up this am and says, "I bet yer glad ya don't live in San Diego anymore!" I'm like, what? "Don't you watch the news?" Ummm no, I don't get the news on tv... then he tells me about the fires going on down there. I checked it out and ended up phoning a friend of mine who's mobile number I had because no one else is home because they've all been evacuated! Crap! Turns out our house that we lived in is gone, as well as our neighbors, one of whom were friends of ours in our ward. I am praying and hoping that everything turns out all right for all who are in danger and who's homes are in danger. It's so weird to think that the place we called home for 2 years is gone! I mean, it was built of rocks so I'm sure the rocks still stand but the interior will be gone. That's all, I'm tired of typing.


dan robyn & melia said...

Hey my brother in law's family lived near you guys in Poway and their house is gone also. The fire was across the street from my sis's house but her house was saved. Are you talking about Sarah Shah by any chance??? Is her house gone? Oh and stop dropping the cam..I want to see pics of your house.

The RC Miller Clan said...

No, the Shah's house is fine as far as I know. I emailed everyone in our ward and there were 5 families in our ward who lost their homes. All nice homes too!

Mike Karyn & Nash said...

Hey..this is Robyn's sister, Karyn. I think your friends and family lived near my uncle and aunt's house in Deer valley Estates. Robyn seems to think so as well. The whole valley is gone. It's just horrible. We almost lost our house as well. I hope all your friends and family are okay. if they need anything please have them contact me. Robyn can give you my information. I just cooked for 15people tonight. We're here to help. Our community has been so strong and we all will survive.
Thanks for the mention of our great city. I just couldn't help but to make a comment.
Poway, CA