Friday, April 17, 2009

Big babe on the way?

Ok, I am freaking out here. I just got home from an ultrasound. The last one I had was about 19 days ago. 19 days ago baby was 8 days ahead growth wise. Today? Oh my, 16 days ahead of schedule! I'm really really hoping that the tech has made a mistake of some sort, but at this rate I'm gonna have one huge baby on my hands! NOOOOOOOO!!!!! I have another scan in 12 days. My glucose test came back as normal. But now I have to do a 2hr test to make sure. Gestational diabetes is the main cause for a big baby. My babies have never been big. 7lb4, 7lb13, 7lb14. And not in that order either. Guess how much this baby weighs already? 2.2kg which if I calculate correctly is a whopping 4lb14. And it still has 9 1/2 wks to go till full term! Please do NOT let me have a big baby please please please!

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Robyn Melia and Troy said...

Ok here's what I think..A tech told me Melia was going to be at least 9 to 10 lbs. She was 7 and was a tiny little thing. A tech told me Troy was going to be big and was already chubby...hmmm not so much. Oh and that he was 2 weeks ahead of his due date. Nope. So don't read into that too much...just my experience.