Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Game of Life

Last night I made $1.33 million dollars and ended up living in a country estate. Nice way to end a long long day I must say! I was an athlete for a night and I got married, never had any children but somehow ended up with a grandchild. Go figure? Actually Blaze wanted to play a game so I volunteered even though I'm pretty much a lame-o when it comes to playing with my kids. I have to say I haven't had that as a strong point even from the time they were wee things. Why? I don't know, but I thought what the hay and we played a round. Well I'll be darned if I didn't really enjoy myself! I think the most gratifying thing was knowing that I was spending time with my cute boy and not sleeping. hahaha
I wanted to put this cute pic in of him when we lived in Poway. Its one of my faves for sure. Rick found this hat somewhere and brought it home for Blaze.
This of course is my funny man trying to look as cute as Blaze. Hmmmm, I don't think he succeeded even though IS pretty darn attractive! hah!

I have to tell something else that Blaze said to me. So I've had this problem tooting ever since I've been pregnant. I know, that's totally embarrassing to say but Blaze says to me "Mom, do all pregnant ladies do that alot?" I laughed because I realized that he has noticed a difference between the way I am now and the way I used to be! I told him yes that I think so. Maybe I should try to control myself a little better around my kids eh? I wouldn't want them following my example! Anyways, now that I've totally embarrassed myself....

Go play a game with your kids! You'll have fun.

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Lydster said...

haha, that is hilarious! Go Blaze!