Sunday, April 5, 2009

Driving me crazy

Hi All. Its been a while I must admit. I guess my life is pretty boring. My friend Megan from SD just told me that I need to get more stuff on here about baby. Things I'm doing to prepare for the new arrival which if I have my way will happen in 9 weeks. So in order to prepare for the lil' bundle I've discovered ebay thanks to Kelly. She started it all by bidding and winning some baby clothes from and Aussie seller and had them sent to me. They are soooo cute and in such great condition. Brand new condition and they are so teeny! They are all boy clothes so I'm hoping to be able to use them! She really is taking a gamble but what a good deal she got on them and so I decided that I would start looking on ebay for all my major purchases. Things are so darn expensive over here especially when it comes to those big necessities. So far I've gotten a crib, swing, stroller and a diaper bag (brand new) and only spent $298. The diaper bag itself is a Kapoochi bag which retails for around $80 was only $1.25! How that for a deal? My first ever ebay purchase/win. Now that's something I can definetly get into! So tonight I'm hoping to win a car seat. Keeping my fingers crossed.
As for other life, been working quite a bit. I also spent 3 days cleaning up the yard. It took so long because I can only do a couple hours each day and the lawn tools kept going wrong. Grrr. Baby's quite active. It's also measuring 8 days ahead so obviously thriving in its little home. The weather has been crap here. Raining cats and dogs for over a week now. Major flooding going on here. And leaks in our house? Well, we have more than a few when it torrential downpours. Speaking of the phrase "raining cats and dogs", does anyone know where that phrase came from and why? Well, being the studious person I am (hah) I just looked it up and there are actually abour 4 or 5 different suggestions but it seems as though the one that makes the most sense is that back in 17th and 18th century England it would rain so much that often you would see dead cats and dogs flowing down the hillsides and filthy streets. Yuck.

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