Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The woes of pregnancy

Well, I want to thank Robyn for her comment on my last post. That made me feel better. They probably are wrong and I've decided that even if it is true, a sumo baby is better than no baby at all right? I've felt like crap today. I woke up in the night like I do every single night and was awake for 2 1/2 hours. Yuck. Then this am went visiting teaching and was seriously so tired I kept closing my eyes to rest. Came home and had a little lunch which consisted of a sloppy joe (homemade cuz you cant buy sloppy joe mix here and besides homemade is sooooo much yummier!) and then had a nap. I must've been seriously tired cuz I actually slept! That NEVER hardly ever happens to me! Sleeping in the daytime? What is that? Then it took me forever to even feel awake after that. I hate that feeling. The other day I went to get my glucose test done and the lab tech says, 'you can't do that today'. I'm like 'what!?' She says you have to be fasting and I say 'but I am fasting already!' She then explains that they only do those tests first thing in the morning and asks how long I've been fasting for. I couldn't even tell her because I just burst into tears so upset that I have to fast for 8-12 hours before the test! I'm saying, not on your life! Inreality it had only been abou an hour since I'd had an apple but I was so hungry already! So emotionally, I WAS fasting. She tries to get it out of me why I'm doing the 2 hour test anyways if the 1hour had fine results and I couldn't even tell her I was so emotional. All I could say was I can't do the test at all and that I would talk to my doctor. What an idiot I am! Total basket case eh? Crying because I can't take a gtt when I want to!
Yesterday I went to Myer where Jes works and got her to do my foundation cuz I reckon I need to start wearing some. My complexion seems awful these days. Really splotchy and just not smooth and peachy. Well, she put on this awesome stuff and I thought I looked fabulous! Jes is so cute and I love having her and Nick around. They are a pleasure. I'm secretly hoping they decide to have a baby soon! hehehe They're really good with the kids and Jes and I work right beside each other in the plaza so its nice to go out to lunch every now and again.
The smooth peachy complexion I got thanks to Jes and her $66 foundation
I'm going to buy some but not until I run out of the sample she gave me to try at home. It costs $66 a bottle! Yikes, I have to feel rich before I go for it. It doesn't take too much to perk me up these days tho. I feel so drab and huge and just bleck that the littlest thing is like Wow! I also got some new lipstick from Avon. 3 for $10 and I'm wearing a new colour in the pic. So yesterday was really my day. Today? not so much.


Proud Momma said...

I feel ya woman! I can't sleep in the daytime either and you always feel like crap the minute you wake up!
Hopefully everything goes ok with the glucose test...if you end up taking it.
New make up makes such a difference...that makes me want a new lipstick!

Jeni said...

I love a new foundation, it always makes me feel sooo pretty. but of course the best one I have found costs me my first born!!

Robyn Melia and Troy said...

Hey glad I could make you feel better! I bet your sweet baby will be no bigger than 7lbs! My sis introduced me to some awesome foundation a few years ago. She actually bought it for me cuz it was so much but it makes me look like I have flawless it!

Maughan Crew said...

You have good lips for lipstick...
Looks good